Privacy statement
for the PolkaNorski project


This privacy policy describes how the PolkaNorski project collects and uses personal data. The declaration has been prepared so that you can have peace of mind that the PolkaNorski project processes personal data in an ethical and legally sound manner.

What personal data is processed and from whom?

The project collects data from parents of multilingual Polish-Norwegian children and majority speaking Norwegian and Polish monolingual children aged 0–5 years and Polish-Norwegian parents expecting a child, as well as the children themselves.  In some cases, we also collect personal data from the children's kindergarten teachers or caregivers.

Personal data is processed from parents of children about themselves and their children as well as from third persons: co-parents, siblings and grandparents. 

Personal data that is processed from parents and children is name, place of residence, e-mail addresses, addresses, phone numbers, age, date and place of birth, education, date of moving from Poland to Norway if relevant, audio recordings and some health conditions: medical conditions, complications at birth, history of problems with hearing, allergies or illnesses, problems with learning or with language, cognitive abilities. 

Personal data that is processed from kindergarten staff are names and email addresses.

Personal data that is processed from third persons is possible problems with language.

In Norway, we also collect the names and addresses of children in relevant age groups from the National Population Register. This information is processed securely in accordance with the Norwegian Population Register's rules, and is deleted immediately after we have sent out an invitation to participate in the study.


Is the information disclosed to third parties?

The data will be analysed on group level only, and exclusively by the researchers. The data will not be disclosed to third parties. No one except the researchers will have the results of tests or experiments from individual children: not parents, not teachers, not kindergartens, and no institutions in Norway or Poland (including Barnevernet).


How is the information secured?

PolkaNorski’s internal control system ensures that personal data is safeguarded in accordance with the Personal Data Act, the EU's Personal Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the processing policies of University of Warsaw, OsloMet and University of Oslo. The system contains rules and routines for how personal data is processed, including how it is secured, who has access and whether it can be disclosed to others. 


What is the purpose of the processing of personal data?

The purpose of the data processing is to contact participants (e.g. for assigning a meeting) and to investigate the relationship between children's linguistic and cognitive skills on the one hand, and the linguistic, cultural and educational environment in which they grow up on the other. 


What is the basis for the processing of personal data?

The legal basis for processing general categories of personal data is consent given by the data subject, cf. the General Data Protection Regulation art. 6.1 a). The legal basis for processing special categories of personal data is explicit consent given by the data subject, cf. art. 9.2 a), cf. the Personal Data Act § 10, cf. § 9 (2).


Where is the information obtained from?

The PolkaNorski project collects data through web based questionnaires and by testing children on tablets while recording sound on dictaphones or through the recording service in Nettskjema. In one of the studies, we also record video of the participants. 


How long is the personal data kept?

Data files and data sets are anonymised by the end of 2026.


Contact information data controller:


Ewa Haman

Professor at the Faculty of Psychology

University of Warsaw


Telephone: (+48)225549774


Nina Gram Garmann

Professor at the Department of Early Childhood Education



Telephone: +47 67 23 70 21


Franziska Köder

Researcher and Lab Manager at MultiLing

University of Oslo


Telephone: +47 22844289


Contact information of the data protection officers:


Data protection officer at University of Warsaw:

Dominik Ferenc


Data protection officer at OsloMet:

Ingrid Jacobsen


Telephone: Kontor: +47 67 23 55 34


Data Protection officer at University of Oslo:

Roger Markgraf-Bye,


Telephone: +47 90822826


Personverntjenester, SIKT


Telephone: +47 73 98 40 40